Linked Data Fragments

make the Web of Data Web-scale by
moving intelligence from servers to clients.

Watch the video to learn the ins and outs.

The Web is full of high-quality Linked Data.
But we can’t reliably query it.
Public SPARQL endpoints are often unavailable,
because they need to answer many unique queries.

You could set up a local endpoint using data dumps.
But that’s not Web querying.
Your data is never up to date
and your client cannot query every dataset.

With Linked Data Fragments, we explore interfaces to
solve queries at the client side with server data.
Servers can offer data at low processing cost
in a way that enables client-side querying. Here’s how.

Try an online Linked Data Fragments client or download a standalone client.

Start publishing such smart Linked Data Fragments right now. Install the server.
Want to explore a server first? View our datasets online.
See how a client solves SPARQL queries. Try the Linked Data Fragments client.