Specification by the Hydra W3C Community Group

The Linked Data Fragments specification is developed as part of the Hydra W3C Community Group.

The Hydra project provides technologies for the design of smart APIs and smart clients. It consists of the Hydra Core Vocabulary, which contains the essential building blocks for machine-accessible hypermedia APIs, and Linked Data Fragments, which focus on APIs and clients that enable Web-scale publishing and querying.

Current Linked Data Fragments specifications

Linked Data Fragments — A uniform view on Web interfaces to Linked Data
This document introduces the generic concept of Linked Data Fragments.
Triple Pattern Fragments — A low-cost, queryable Linked Data Fragments interface
This document introduces a specific Linked Data Fragments type for low-cost, high-availability querying.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

The Linked Data Fragments specifications are still in development.
Do you have questions, comments or feedback? E-mail to public-linked-data-fragments@w3.org.

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